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Dynamic exposure system

HOPE develops and manufactures complete solutions for a variety of inhalation exposure test assays. Our exposure systems are suitable for long- and short-term inhalative investigations with test animals or cell cultures involving toxicity and impact of particulate matter, e.g. in pharmacology, environmental and occupational safety, and bio-defense studies.

The exposure system design and inhalation software for automatic control and regulation of experiments support you in achieving compliance with the OECD, GB and GLP guidelines.

1. The whole body exposure units are available in different designs and sizes according to the test requirements. The number and type of connections can be specified at the planning stage.

2. Our Whole Body exposure units allow the simulation of real exposure conditions for a wide range and large numbers of rodents, either under static and / or dynamic conditions.

3. Homogeneous test substance distribution is guaranteed by a proven aerodynamic design i.e. the egg shaped structure.

4. Provision of water and additional sample ports can be implemented where required.

5. Robust stainless steel design with standard and customer-specified sealing materials.

6. Test substance supply is possible via various liquid, dust aerosol generators, cigarette smoke generators as well as vapor generators.

7. Different standard sizes of stainless steel cages or cage racks.

8. Real-time and off-line analysis equipment – concentration measuring units and spectrometers.

9. Control and monitoring, data recording and storage through the in-house software.

10. Installation kit to connect air supply, aerosol and vapor generators, exhaust lines and sampling equipment.

11. Equipped with safety shield cabinet to protect the safety of the experimental personnel.

12. With memory function in case of power-down.

13. An intelligent alarm system will issue a warning when the device is in trouble.

14. On request: adaptation of test equipment for solving new and future-oriented problems.

1. Working status parameter:

Voltage: 198~242 VAC

Frequency: 50~60 Hz

Maximum power: 300 W (Not including the gas source and the temperature and humidity control device).

Use temperature: 15~30

Maximum relative humidity: no dew

2. Air exchange rate: 12~15 times/ h

3. Adjusting the amount of liquid in the unit time and record the feeding time and the total amount of liquid. The maximum experimental time can be set to 100 h.

4. Vaporization of drugs: 0~500 ml/h

5. MMAD: 1~4μm, GSD: 1.5~3

6. Drug concentration can be adjusted.

7. Drugs can be sustained and stable supply.

8. Temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration and pressure can be monitored and controlled in real time.

9. The shortest saturation time: ≤30 min

10. Replacement time of clean air: ≤15 min

11. Controlled recovery of residual fluid.

12. We provide wastewater treatment system and waste gas treatment system (optional).

Note: Due to the improvement of product performance, the technical parameters above may be changed.



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